A Little Cult Culture…

JS2 001

...Evelyn’s eyes widen in wonder.  She hears dollar signs ring in her head and aliens and supernatural creatures dance about, hiding in dark corners and reappear suddenly, under large stone arches leading into a large and dark mansion.  She sees herself in a dark red dress, dripping with diamonds descending down a large marble staircase towards an unidentified tall, dark and handsome male.
BOOM, BLAST OFF!  She is flying towards outer space with her dark handsome creature, never to look back, as dollar signs endlessly CHA-CHING! in her head.  A smile permanently paints itself across her lips.
"This is your window of opportunity to find a true life with a new family, and board spacecraft away to a distant, primary culture stripped from the cultivated ’norms’ of society. Once we reach the kingdom, a non-temporal world, we will become redefine, genderless in a non-corruptible and non-perishable world...
"Keep in mind, how far you are willing to go, is strictly up to you."

If you are intrigued, concerned or even slightly bewitched… please click on the link below to read on… Cult Culture: A Short Script written by Lauren McKinney


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