Frosty and Phenomenal

jwenrowjnBack in my high school days I took this art class with an art professor who was helpful and very knowledgable, but also quite temperamental.  After each assignment, we would gather  for a class critique and the professor would tell us what she favored and disliked about our drawings/sketched/color schemes/etc.  Most of the time, no one’s artwork was satisfactory, because she was quite a stickler, and payed close attention to detail.  Everyone found her cold and strict at the beginning.

At first I would quietly fret about my work and the fact that I could get an awful and embarrassing critique.  During one critique, I remember slowly walking up to the front of the room, with my art work in my hands and leaning it up against the chalk board for everyone to see.  My professor suddenly gasps, as I am thinking, ‘oh my goodness, here it goes, brace yourself for the tradgety…’  Next think I know, I am getting praised left and right for my exquisite drawing skills and supurb color scheme to give the piece a frosty Arctic feel.  Sooner than I even realize, she is reaching to hang my work of art above her desk as an example of outstanding student work.

Let me just say, that throughout the whole year, she only praised two students by placing their artwork above her desk and criticized the rest, even making some kids openly cry.  Frankly, I quite liked her honest and twisted imagination, it kept the class interesting and my art work phenomenal, thanks Ms. Phaneuf.




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