Ghouls, Goblins and Freaks. Oh My!

This weekend was indeed amazing. First off, I found myself swept away in a pumpkin patch far, far way called Connors Farm in Danvers. They have a really nice selection of both large and small pumpkins for only .59$ a pound. Then, we took a little trip to the big city to visit Harpoon Brewery, supposedly the first licensed brewery in Boston.🍻

Did I say how much I love Boston at night…


The next day,ghouls and ghosts and freaks came out to haunt, as we drove to Spooky World later that night.👻
My favorite haunted attraction was ‘freak show’, because at the end there was this neon revolving tunnel with lights and stars that made you feel like your spinning, but really your standing sill walking straight on a bridge as it spins around you; truly mind blowing and of course scary and frustrating as creepy clowns walk towards you!




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