Boston Harbor Islands- Georges Island Excursion

Went on a ferry excursion to the first of many Boston Harbor Islands  (I believe there are thirty-four in total) to Georges Island and visited the historically eerie Fort Warren.  Fort Warren not only defended Boston Harbor throughout World War II, it also served as a training ground and prison, known for its humane treatment of Confederate Prisoners.  After a hundred years the fort was decommissioned and acquired for historic preservation.

 On the island we saw huge empty holes in the fort walls where bigger than life cannons used to sit and would be cranked upward as high as thirty feet.  Out of the fort grounds empty passageway lead to abandoned rooms, that were once someones place of shelter, but are now are cold and abandoned with walls stained with graffiti marks.  Brick arched door frames with staircases lead into pitch darkness, so dark that flashlights seem like a mere hint of light shining on only a part of the massive cave-like corridors.  Some rooms, don’t even have doorways they are blocked by slabs of brick and stone, leaving only a little break for sunlight to shine through, and some stairwells lead to nowhere, ending just abruptly as they started…

   However, once you step outside, you almost forget the eeriness you once felt inside the fort walls, those feelings are replaced by awe and beauty, as Georges Island has a spectacular view of Peddocks Island, Lovell Island, Long Island, Deer Island and the Brewster Islands, as well as a view of Hull and downtown Boston.

Highlights of the excursion:

The Boston Harbor Cruise Ferry Ride to Georges Island- takes about 20 minutes

The view of downtown Boston from Georges Island

Exploring Fort Warren with my boyfriend- always made him go first through the dark passageways, just in case =)

Walking on the grassy roof of Fort Warren

Relaxing on the grassy beach area viewing Peddocks Island-hopefully our next excursion!


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