Ferocious to Friendly

The Franklin Park Zoo has an amazing selection of fairly common to rare, and a few almost extinct birds and mammals.  The colorful finches, picture above, are commonly seen in woodland areas all around New England.  Seeing a spritely finch is quite a pleasure, and although they can be super quick and bold they are a friendly bunch.

On the other hand, spotting  a massive lion, pictured below, is quite a rare sight, espically in Northern New England, and thank the lord for that!  With claws a sharp as raisors and hands bigger than the human head, the lion is quite a firece cat.  In the picture below, he sits nonchalant and seems very unconcerned about the amount of humans buzzing around him snapping photos.  King of the jungle, king of the selfies.

Although the lion may be king of the selfies, the peacock is certaintly a vanity queen.  With its richly spotted feathers of royal blue, pine green and jet black with golden undertones, this bird is a true beauty.

All and all everything ferocious to friendly can be seen at the zoo.


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