Abandoned Dogtown Massachusetts

If you happen to stumble across a park with tails that lead to nowhere, rocks with random one-word engravings, a plethera of vines in omniously thick forest brush and markings of old settlement foundations everywhere you turn…you have reached Dogtown Village also known as the Common Settlement.  A eerily, rocky settlement where early pioneers inhabited in the 1700’s because of the high terrain and the avaiability of water.  Many rumors still surround the area to this day.  However, we do know that Dogtown was once thickly settled with over 100 familiesbut swiftly    abandoned not long after.  Now numbers carved into rocks represent cellar holes and old expressions on ancient boulders only unveil a layer of the mystery conceled from the world. Covered by vines and an unsettling  feeling that something strange may have happened here…somethings we may never know.



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