Vermont is for Lovers

One little cozy weekend, me and my lover took a trip up to the north kingdom, Vermont.  What we saw there, was even more mezmorizing and twice as nice.  Every word we spoke, every gulp we ate and every single breath we exhaled felt like… sweet, harmonic vacation time.  It’s about time we had a weekend off.  

Quite soon after all the mezmorizing, in all its glory, we took a stroll through the Birds of Vermont Museum.

The Birds of Vermont Museum |THē berds OF Ver’mänt myōō zēem|


the most conciderate and heartwarming place in the world with a wildly manifested and perfectly crafted selection birds that soar in that north country.

We left, not empty handed, but filled the the feeling that for once everything worked out perfectly and to that we cheered, filling our mugs with local craft cider (eat local, drink local) and flew straight over the mountains into the sunset.  Now how romantic is that?


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