Topsfield Fair Every Year

Somehow for many years in a row, I’ve ended up taking a trip to thw Topsfield Fair, not to far away from my place, and even closer to Ipswich Ale Brewery, a favorite.  Even though it is a little pricey for an agrucultural fair ($15.00 to get in plus at least $10.00 parking) it is totally worth the price once you realize one, how big the fairgrounds actually are and two, after you’ve gazed in to the eyes of the adorable and various creatures that make up the Topsfield Fair.  It is a good place to get some fair food, espically a caramel apple and just wonder around for a bit.  There are quite a few local vendors that do live demonstrations and various bands and agricultural shows during the day and night, it really is worth the visit if your in the area.  Just my opinion.


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