Salemtown on Halloween Night

It’s not all tricks and treats going into Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween night.  The town holds a huge festival far as the eye can see, with both savory and unsavory charactors galore.  You may find yourself wandering the streets, looking both high and low at ghouls, goblins and you may just come across a larger-than-life camouflage shrubbery lurking in the alleyways of Salemtown scaring the bejesus out of pedestrians.  Or perhaps you may run into Freddie, Jason and Michael Myers at the park staring you down as you quickly run right by…

You may ask yourself… I wonder if this is volunteer work or if these people are getting paid to scare the crap out of people… the answer is: neither.  It’s simply Halloween night!  The one night of the year when its okay to physically put on a costume and mask,  hiding your true identify, fooling the mischeif makers and exposing your inner temperament, as twisted or as sweet as that may be.

This holiday of fright, we now know as Halloween was originally known as the Sabbat Samhain, a day when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest.  Little known fact: Samhain is actually celebrated in the daylight portion of the first of November, known as the Wiccan New Year.  Blessed be the autumn light!

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