How to Cut-your-own Christmas Tree

Cutting down your own Christmas tree is way easier than it seems.  Although it may not be the cheapest way to score a tree for the holiday season, it sure is the most satisfying way to cut down a fresh tree that will last throught the holidays.  My suggestion would be to pick a tree farm that is local, just so you don’t have to drive to far home with a tree on your roof.  

Once you have chosen and arrived at your tree farm of choice, take a good look arould at all the cut-your-own lots; many farms have a variety of trees to choose from and usually every type of tree is pretty different.  If your still unsure about which type of tree is right for your accommodations, ask someone who is working at the farm. Honestly, I find it is never easy to pick just one tree, I always seem to end up choosing three or four options before narrowing down my choices to choose one.  Usually, in order to choose one tree that fits all my specifications, I first look into the branches to ensure that there are no birds nests or other creatures hanging around in there.  I always run the palm of my hand through the needles to make sure they are not dried out and still cling to the branch.  Lastly, I bend down to take a look at the stump to make sure it is healthy enough to fit into my specific tree stand.  Overall,making sure the tree is well watered, stands straight and doesn’t have any creatires hidden inside is super important before sawing.

Once your tree is selected, start sawing! Many farms supply with a saw that you can bring back to the main farm stand once your tree has fallen.  For saftey purposes, I would reccomend chopping away from where you are laying and having a friend/relitave/significant other slightly hold or tilt the tree away from you while sawing to make sure no one gets hurt.  Furthermore, look around before making the final cut to ensure there is a place for your tree to land.

Finally, make sure the base of your stump is cut evenly, so therefore it will stand up straight in your tree stand.  Then, load your new holiday tree into a slay to bring it back to the farmstand or simply carry it down yourself.  Whatever you choose, remember to have fun, this is the tree that you choose and you cut down, be proud!

Once you have gotten the tree back to the lot where you parked, most farms will either tie the tree to your car roof or wrap the tree in a netting, where it will then be tied to your roof, to ensure safe travel.  Remember, once you arrive home, if your tree remains in a net, to let it rest for a bit to ensure the branches spread out and it is full, healthy and ready to decorate.

Happy Holidays!


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