Saltbox Kitchen – Brews and Brunch

Took a little drive to West Concord, MA. to visit the Saltbox Kitchen&Brewery.
A tiny little kitchen that you can get prepared food to go or take it from the counter direcly to your table to eat.  There aren’t that many tables but plenty of stools by the window and open kitchen.  Cool little joint with some great food – reccomend the frittata with kale, so yummy!  

They also have a small menu of their house made beer, from Farmhouse to their own Irish Stout, its all pretty tasty.  I personally enjoyed the Farmouse style, 6.1 ABV, color: golden straw, aroma: banana bread and taste: black pepper, citrus saison.  

Eat local, drink local. ✌🏻


7 responses to “Saltbox Kitchen – Brews and Brunch

  1. Hey there, thanks for checking out Chlohemian 🙂 I’m gonna be in the States this summer and I’m definitely taking a trip to MA – I hope to stop by here as well as the apple cider place you recommended 🙂

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