Boston Globe Travel Show 2017

Took a little excursion to the Boston Globe Travel Show.  Great exhibit for those looking to book a trip/learn more information about specific locations all around the world, including Malaysia, Africa, Turkey and so much more.  They had over a hundred booth set up all around the Seaport Convention Center with free brocures, booklets and travel goodies like bags, pins, pens, luggage tags and even some chocolate of course!  

Really great excursion and well worth the time; only took about two to three hours to go through all the booths, which seems like a long time, but it goes by quicker than you would expect.

I left with so many panphlets and booklets and even more travel trinkets.  I have brochures about Italy, Scotland, Malaysia, The Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Aruba, The Bahamas, Canada and so much more.  They had booths at the show where you could book a trip right then and there through Liberty Travel, BJ’s and many other vendors.  I personally did not book a trip at the show, but after all this travel inspiration, I am about ready to go just about anywhere!  Who knows maybe in week from now I will find my self in someplace wonderful and far far away from all this snow.

Here’s to hopes and happy travels!

UPDATE:  All my goodies from the travel show, including these non-slip socks I scored from the Malaysia booth!


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