The Universe Works In Mysterious Ways

It’s a funny thing or perhaps just a unfamiliar feeling, going to a place you have never ventured to before.  Daring, unconventional or unheard of, anyplace, in my opinion, is worth experiencing.  Erase everything you thought you knew, because when you go away, everything is an eager endeavor, and despite all the unforeseen conditions, you learn a great deal.  The key is to enhance your ambition, daring to travel even further, and be a bit more entrepreneurial, ready to stand your own ground.

Regardless, who ever came up with the rule of having a  ‘two week vacation’ obviously never went on a great vacation…

So for all our sakes, please check out some of these photos I took on a magical vacation on Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains of up-state New York, USA.  Enjoy!

Recommendations for Lake George:

  1.  The Lake George Beach Club restaurant, located on 3 Montcalm Street, Lake George NY 12835.  Amazing views of the lake on their half-outside, second floor deck, and live music every night Thursday – Sunday, you just can’t beat it!
  2. Fort William Henry  Museum and Restoration, located on 48 Canada Street, Lake George, NY 12845.  Would HIGHLY recommend taking their Ghost Tour, it is actually super creepy, even if you don’t believe in ghosts…very uncomfortable feeling, but in a very educationally welcoming way…if that makes any sense?!  Adults $18, Seniors $15 and Children 5 – 15 $8.
  3. Wax ‘n’ Wix candle making studio, located on 38 Montcalm Street, Lake George, NY 12845.  I have never experienced candle making quite like this; from picking out the candle shape/mold, scent and various colors to fill in the mold.  Arrives back in your hands as an enjoyable scented creation, pretty sweet!
  4. Duffy’s Tavern, located on20 Amherst Street, Lake George, NY 12845.  This place is open from 11:30/12 to 1/3 in the morning Monday through Sunday, pretty much all that needs to be said.  Oh, and they have an open second-floor deck and live music inside and out.
  5. Lake George Steamboat Company, located at 57 Beach Road Lake George NY 12845.  Great way to get on the water without actually getting in the water and amazing views of the lake.  Travel aboard the Minnie Ha Ha (laughing waters), Mohican, the oldest passenger vessel in the United States, or the Lac du Saint Sacrement (The lake of the blessed sacrament).








2 responses to “The Universe Works In Mysterious Ways

  1. I join you in the pleasures of traveling, especially when one cannot go everywhere one desires to visit. My recent visit to Las Vegas was such an experience, contrary to everyone going there to expect only carousing and gambling, I found a rare beauty in several art galleries that has inspired me to write more haikus…love your traveling blog of beauty, thanks.

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