Through Facts and Photographs: A Closer Look at Thompson Island

A unique look at Thompson Island through facts and photographs; one of the thirty-four islands that lay in the Boston Harbor.

Fact One: Thompson Island is located four miles from the city of Boston and it is owned and operated by the non-profit educational organization Thompson Island Outward Bound.

Fact Two:  The Island was believed to be inhabited by Native Americans before David Thompson established a trading post in 1626.

Fact Three: To this day, Thompson Island continues to educate the youth of Greater Boston.  In history, the first school established on the Island in 1833, was called Boston Farm School.  It later changed names to the Boston Farm and Trade School in 1907, only to change names once again, to Thompson Academy.

Fact Four:  The Boston Farm and Trade School was the first in the country to establish a school band in 1839.

Fact Five: Today, the Island is primarily utilized for education, conference, event and recreation purposes.

Fact Six:  There is a beautiful 40 acre salt marsh and smaller marsh on the Island.  Both marshes have great viewing areas to take photos; the smaller of the two even has a pathway leading into it.

Fact Seven: Thompson Island has a vast terrain with mixed vegetation, there are forests with oak and birch trees, meadows with berry bushes, plowed fields, salt-marshes and seashell filled beaches.

Fact Eight: There quite a few obstacle and high rope courses on the Island where students participating in the Outward Bound Program can challenge themselves.  Of course, they are off-limits to the public.

Fact Nine: There are many well-marked trails on the Island that will lead you to salt marshes, open fields, picnic areas, ranger rendezvous cabins, cliffs, beaches and great views.

Fact Ten: Thompson Island consists of 204 acres of land.

Fact Eleven:  Few ruins remain on the Island.  The one pictured above is a root cellar, or what is left of the foundation.

Fact Twelve:  Thompson Island is only accessible to the public on weekends.  Helpful tip:  There is no concession stands so bring your own snacks/refreshments and water.

Fact Thirteen: The south-side beach peninsula of Thompson Island almost connects with Squantum Point Park, located in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center
National Park Service – Boston Harbor Islands – Thompson Island
Healey Library at the University of Massachusetts Boston – Thompson’s Island: Home Page
Discovery Brochure – Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center


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