It’s All Peace and Love at The House of Blues Boston

House of Blues has always been one of my favorite venues in Boston. Something about the place just seems magical, almost nostalgic, like an array of talent has passed through these doors into the legendary music hall. With various art work hanging on the walls, masking richly colored paint and funky architectural designs, the House of Blues, is the place to be for some old school inspiration and, more importantly, rhythm and blues.

The House of Blues has three floors of standing room, two being balconies, with multiple televisions displayed on the ceiling. This set-up allows every audience member to have a half decent view of the stage, which is super important, especially if you aren’t sure exactly where to stand for optimal sound/viewing experience.

Furthermore, it’s a pretty big venue, so, odds are that you WILL score standing room tickets the night before a show… I know thats exactly what I did for the Walk the Moon show last night. Let me just say, it was totally worth it – I still have so many songs stuck in my head! Plus, I have always found the House of Blues ticket prices decently affordable, which they should be for standing room only tickets.

Anyway, there are plenty of places out there that are expensive, lackluster, hard-to-navigate and, just, basically not as cool as the House of Blues Boston. My advise, seek out the good ones, and you will dance the night away!


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