The Mystery that is Valentine’s Day 🏹❤️

Valentine(s) Day

[valuh n-tahyn(s)] [dey]


On the 14th of February, to honor of Saint Valentine.

There are so many rumors involving the origins Valentine’s Day in history; it is hard to keep up or even believe all of them.  Perhaps I am a skeptic, but I have read too many rumors of how this day first ‘started’ in history.

The articles that I have read, seem to agree on one aspect of the story that is Valentine’s Day.  This aspect is, that February 14th actually marks the day Saint Valentine passed.  Still, you may find yourself asking, who is this Saint Valentine?  I think, the answer remains a mystery.  Perhaps it was meant to be that way, I mean love is a mysterious thing, isn’t it?

I know one thing for sure, Valentine’s Day has become an advertising and branding ploy, mainly marketed towards couples.  It almost seems like, if you are not attached or in love with someone else, then Valentine’s Day isn’t for you, and that is so unfortunate. Believe me, I have spent many Valentines Day’s by myself and even more with someone I really didn’t actually want to be spending it with.  In the end, who cares!  I don’t know who Saint Valentine really was, neither does anyone else it seems like…so why not just take a day to celebrate everyone and everything you appreciate (and you don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to do this).

Why can’t we be thankful and loving all the time?  Why can’t we tell those around us, and perhaps make it more obvious on Valentine’s Day, how much we love and appreciate them?  Again, why can’t we do this all the time?! The answer is: we can!

We can spread the love!  We can take the time to appreciate, not only, ourselves, but also, others around us, friends, acquaintances, even enemies.  Sometimes, it seems like people don’t get recognized or appreciated until it or they are long gone.

We CAN throw away everything we thought we knew and make something even more glorious!  Perhaps Valentine’s Day is meant to encompass all the holidays in one…ever thought about that?  Or perhaps it is just the holiday of endless question…

Just food for thought, or random love rambles.  Either way, eat something delicious today and spread the love 💛


3 responses to “The Mystery that is Valentine’s Day 🏹❤️

  1. In the words of a co-worker this morning, a single and divorced man, no less, “We need Valentine’s Day, because people need the reminder to show people they care about each other.”

    I treat Valentine’s Day as a second anniversary. I do believe it’s important to show people you care a little more than usual, a day or a few days per year. It’s not always about the presents. Presents are the mindless shortcut.

    — Alex

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  2. Valentine’s day is steadfastly avoided. Why do I need a reminder. My partner and I should be able to remember we love each other on a regular basis. To put it to a holiday is forced, obligatory, and has become, as stated, overly commercialized. That being said, to those who do celebrate it and use it in good faith to honor those they love, then I tip my hat to you. Happy Valentine’s day.

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