You should never feel bad simply stating your opinion.  Of course, an opinion is always better received when it is said politely and respectfully.  Still, it is your voice and no one should make you feel inferior, because of it.  Sometimes the simplest of messages can get mixed up.  There will always be times of confusion.  Bring on the clarity.


Take the time to relate, even if you have no idea what the other person is speaking about.  Sometimes looking into how someone is feeling, rather than what they are saying can be enough.

Take a step back, unless the issue directly affects you or your well being, remember you can’t control what anyone else does.  You can only control yourself and you have more power than you think.

Take the friendly approach, try to keep thing lighthearted.  If it is a serious issue, find a way to cope without adding on additional stress.


Can you tell I have been working for way too long in customer service?!  (& it hasn’t even been THAT long)!


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