Rapscallion Kitchen + Bar / Tap + Table / Brewery + Tap

Lets play a guessing game! Guess the restaurant…

A little hole-in the wall fresh eatery/almost-brewery in Concord, Massachusetts that focuses on seafood dishes and is absolutely delicious!

If you didn’t already guess the place is… Rapscallion Kitchen and Bar; different from its sister restaurant Rapscallion Tap and Table in Acton, Massachusetts. Both restaurants stem from Rapscallion Brewery, now located in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

I have now tried all three locations, Rapscallion Brewery first, then Tap and Table and this weekend I tried Kitchen + Bar. They are all great places to visit, good atmosphere and good beer. However, my personal favorite was Rapscallion Kitchen + Bar for many different reasons: their food is fresh, not frozen: they had the best beer on tap (Kitchen +Bar and Tap + Table have different Rapscallion beers on tap) and the portions were reasonable.

Still, I thought Tap + Table in Acton had a better location and atmosphere, having converted an old home into a restaurant gave the place a charming feel. Yet, the portions seemed gigantic and my dish was less flavorful than my plate at Kitchen + Bar (and I ordered vegetable risotto and poutine at both places).

Even though I ordered the same basic vegetable risotto and poutine with gravy at both restaurants, they do have different ingredients in their dishes and for the most part, different menus. For example, the poutine at Kitchen + Bar came with duck, where as the poutine at Table and Tap did not.

I suppose in the end it depends on what you are looking for, but I would recommend Kitchen + Bar over Tap + Table, that just my opinion though! Maybe it’s time to form your own opinion…


Kitchen + Bar

208 Fitchburg Turnpike

Concord, MA 01742


Tap + Table

5 Strawberry Hill Road

Acton, MA 01720


Rapscallion Brewery

195 Arnold Road

Sturbridge, MA 01518

Brewery and Tap Room Info

Website for Rapscallion


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