A Boston Harbor Island: Lovells

My journey began with a small ferry…

All the Boston Harbor Islands, or the ones I have been to at least seem to have something washed-up and interesting on the shoreline…

Massive petrified tires on both sides of the Island…

A house that literally blew away (you can find fragments of it all along the shoreline).

Huge ruins of…something…

I am guessing this doorway was once of use to someone. Now it just looks out onto the ocean.

Did you know that Lovells has black berries growing all over the island?!

Want to know even more about Lovells and how to visit, click: here

P.s. Sometimes the website/ferry schedule can be a little confusing on the website, so if you are seriously looking to visit one of the outlying islands I would call (617) 223 – 8666 or email (boha_information@nps.gov) a few weeks in advance to ask a ranger for the updated schedule.


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