Always Learning…

Every day, isn’t the best day.  Some days are better than others, by chance or by circumstance.  Other times, it just depends on what mindset you are in.  Sometimes if I have a lot going on, the stress alone makes the month, week or day feel like it is the longest and the worst, even though it really isn’t; I just have a lot going on inside my own head. 

For example, a I hear lot of folks say 2018 was the worst, but before that 2017 was the worst and 2016 and 2015 and so on and so forth.  I used to think that too, like the whole year is just a terrible year of bad luck, but when I really look back, it wasn’t so terrible after all.  I mean every day has its ups and downs, and some days it seems like the day is more down then up, but to group a whole year as being horrific seems unreasonable and dramatic….  I mean at least you learned something, right, even if it was an awful thing to learn?  I guess that is what I am writing about, overlooking the small things, the things you learned along the way. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are some days where I find myself reflecting on how horrible and stupid the day was or how boring something may be; but even then, I STILL learned something…  Take today for example, it’s Friday (or Fri-YAY! as I say) and it may not be the most exciting or productive day, but I still learned things along the way:

I learned that the commute on Friday morning is always wonderful every week (keep not working on Friday folks, so I can fly right into the office) 

I learned that Twitter header images are super pixelated and in order to get a clean header you need to take a nice high-definition image and edit it in Photoshop (but it must be under 10mb file size) and should be 1500 x 500 pixels and you should export it and save it out for the web.  

I learned that my fiancé’s aunt and uncle are coming up from Florida and that his sister’s birthday is on Monday.

I learned that my co-worker’s daughter is vacationing in Turks and Caicos this week and is coming back tomorrow.

I learned that I got locked out of one of my health insurance websites for attempting to logon too many times probably for an incorrect password AND I learned that trying to call them over the phone is useless, because the robot voice won’t let me get past ‘tell me what you’re calling about in a little more detail’…apparently my problems aren’t good enough to go to the next step and speak to a representative.

I learned that there is an apple core high up in a tree located right outside my office.  Why someone felt the need to climb the tree and place it there, I do not know…  My desk faces the window so I am reminded of its existence every time I look outside.  

I learned that I miss posting on WordPress, hence this Friday rant…

So whatever your day is like or week, month or even year remember that you are always learning…



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