My Bonnie Scotland

Long story short, I have been quite busy. Of course, that is no excuse for my inability to write a decent post in months, but it is the beginning of a very long story cut short by the simple and yet still unbelievable fact that I got married in Scotland.  I use the word ‘unbelievable’ because I always wanted to do something dreamy, and yet, seemingly crazy like get married in Scotland, and for the first time in a while I just went with it.

At first it seemed like Scotland was almost too far away, geographically and mentally, as in the past, it seemed like an unrealistic dream to want to be married, legally, in such a majestic and (to me) foreign land.  A place that I had discovered years ago, and left a tiny piece of my heart and soul there, vowing to be back one day, but never really knowing quite when or why I would return.

However, there are a lot of places like that when I travel; though few I actually feel, deep down, that I will be back.  You could call it a peculiarly remarkable travel-bug intuition, where I feel like I know for certain I will return, but there is another, sensible, part of me that knows the odds are slim to none.  That’s okay though, because that same sensible part of me knows that you can never really go back and have the same experiences that you have when you travel somewhere for the first time.

My first time in Edinburgh, Scotland was amazing, seeing the highlands for the first time, the royal mile and all its glory and there was about fifty people total at Edinburgh Castle, now there is about five-hundred plus.  My second time in Scotland I got to experience it as few do and will, as a bride, and I wouldn’t take it back for the world.  I got to travel with my best friend as, at first, my fiancé, and then, as my husband, around such a magic and historic land AND we got to physically document and file our legal marriage in Scotland.  My husband is now the first, in his family line, to document such a life event, in a place where his ancestors are originally from.  His parent’s had never been and didn’t even had passports when we proposed the idea.  My parents were all for it and it seemed as if, in a whirl win everything just came together.  Of course we did have a bit of trouble getting a marriage visa, even so, I was determined to make it happen.

You know when you reach that point were you just won’t take no for an answer, like your resolve is so absolute your soul can predict the future and it is in your favor.  Well that was me with this whole marriage visa ordeal, I never gave up.

Through all odds, we met, we fell in love and we got married in a foreign land.  All in the span of seven months we have so many memories.  It’s it ironic how things happen so quickly when you want them too.  I could never seem to paint a clear picture in my mind of what the wedding day would look like.  I had fragments of flying thoughts/ideas bits of broken visuals as inspiration.  As I said before and I will say once again, I found what I thought was right and I just went with it, regardless of my previous influences.  In the end, the day shined on us.

The twenty-third day of the seventh month of the year…twenty-three is a lucky number isn’t it!  Human cells normally contain 23 pairs of chromosomes, Michael Jordan wore jersey number 23 AND did you know that Daniel Radcliffe’s birthday is celebrated on July 23?  None of this has to do with anything mentioned above or below.

As for my husband and I, we feel like we literally had our dreams come true and we still can’t believe it ❤

Isn’t that what dreams are about, scarcely believing it?


Dalhousie Castle


View from Room # 4 in Dalhousie Castle aka my bridal suite.


Wedding Breakfast


Literal well in our wedding suite.


Last photo I took on our wedding day of the library bar ceiling.


My wedding bouquet on a castle coffee-table.


Bonnie the ring-delivery owl and her younger companion (who will take over her job upon retirement).


Our wedding suite.


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