10 Ways to Feel A Little Less Overwhelmed

Often, I tend to think that I cannot possibly get any more stressed or any busier than I am right now. Then it happens…I get even busier and more stressed than I was previously. This seems to be a never-ending cycle of painstaking pressure, anxiety, and overachieving, Yet, something is telling me to keep going, keep trying, keep plugging away, just keep on keeping on. Too soon time flys; days blur into months and the months turn into years. Sometimes it seems far to easy to get stuck in a routine for far too long. Don’t fret! It’s time to break your old routine and beat your stress.

Here is a list of some activities I enjoy partaking in when I am feeling burnt out and stressed out:

1. Take care of yourself. Seriously, take time to do something nice every once in a while. Here are a few suggestions: get a massage, a facial, a haircut, go shopping, get a drink or two, get together with a friend, eat an amazing meal or make your self a warm cup of amazing tea. Whatever you do, make sure you take some time to relax and enjoy.

2. Engage in some type of exercise. Whether it be weight lifting, walking, hiking, golfing, biking, boating, playing soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball or any other sport. Whatever gets your mind off your stressors.

3. Listen to some music. Put on an album you haven’t listened to all the way through or an artist you have been meaning to check out, whatever inspires you musically.

4. Look into a concert, event or some type of seasonal market or fair in the near future. Sometimes, it’s rewarding to have something to look forward to attending socially.

5. Find a movie you didn’t watch a million times already. Look into a movie that sounds interesting. Browse a genre you don’t typically gravitate to.

6. Read a book. It’s simple enough. Plenty of books out there. Take your eyes off a phone or TV screen for an hour or two.

7. Write in a journal or blog. Sometimes getting your thoughts out can feel freeing, inspiring and eye-opening.

8. Practice your favorite skill, hobby or anything you are good at. Play an instrument, D.I.Y. crafts, bake or cook sketch or color and strengthen your talents and confidence.

9. Participate in volunteer work. Do something good or helpful for the community. Whatever it may be, you are likely to feel humbly kind hearted afterwords. What a good feeling that is!

10. Try something new! Is there anything you have always wanted to try and never participated in? Okay, this may be the most out there way to feel less overwhelmed, nevertheless, it could be amazingly rewarding and a great way to break up your routine.

Activities to NOT Partake In

On the contrast, there are some activities I typically try to avoid when feeling overwhelmed.

1. Mindlessly scrolling on my phone, through apps or various feeds. Don’t compare your life to other peoples lives or wish you had this or that. Make your own inspiration, be your own creater of content in your own time.

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2. Watching the news (unless it’s something positive!)

3. Start chipping away at your list of things to do. It’s great to be motivated, however, start these chores when you are way less stressed.

4. Stress eat. It just never ends well.

5. Stay up all night fretting and thinking about the future. It’s great to be productive, but you can’t perform at your best if you aren’t getting at least eight hours sleep!

Overall, stay positive, take care of yourself, eat right and do something that you enjoy. After all, the busiest time of year is just ahead and there is no better time than the present.

Tout le meilleur!


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