Resolution, Revolution 2020

It is no simple task, standing out from a crowd, letting your voice be heard, having a strong resolve, and not letting the fear of vulnerability stand in the way of achievement. Being creative is arduous, but it can also produce potentially amazing results that would make anyone full of pride.

Seriously, there are so many pros and cons to running your own blog! Previously, I wrote about finding the time, and where I find even a moment to produce my own content. Honestly, I can barley find time! Still, blogging eases my stresses and lets me be whoever I want to be. Writing is not one dimensional, it has so many complexities yet to be explored. I am always challenging myself, reaching new heights, learning, and feeling amazing in the process.

Cheers to those of you out there that are brave enough to venture into the blogging community!

I am so proud to be running my own blog, Thank you for the great support you have shown me, what a great WordPress community! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am refreshed, recharged and ready to post and write more compelling content, holding true to the title of my blog, ‘the little blog of magic. Showing all that the world does have magic left in the core, waiting to be uncovered, one conjuration at a time.

This is no goodbye, I am just getting started…


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