Local Enchantment

Just thought I would share some incredible, yet surprisingly candid, photos I took yesterday on my spring walk in Goldsmith Woodlands, located in Andover, Massachusetts. With everything shut down or closed off, I am still getting used to not traveling or exploring as much as I normally do. Instead, I find myself often re-visiting favorite hiking spots or just places with an amazing view, to simply keep my mind on track and get some fresh air. Good thing is, these amazing local destination spots never get old! Every time I visit an area I have been before, there is some new magic in the air that inspires me to keep on going.

What inspires you and keeps you progressing and trekking on in these uncertain times? Comment below!


8 responses to “Local Enchantment

  1. Lovely! I also take photos, but am pretty much limited to what is growing in my yard. I was not up to clearing and sowing the wildflower garden, this year, but the side garden and tulips came through. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to capture both astounding and everyday moments to look back on?!


    • Thanks! It is lovely to capture every day moments to fondly look back on one day and remember this moment in time! Sounds like your garden is beautiful – love spring tulips!

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  2. so many lovely local spots. We keep finding new trails in old familiar haunts. Plus new ones – just google “conservation land [name of town]. I’m amazed by how much land has been preserved for all to enjoy.

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