Heart of Glass

Mind-boggling, enchanting, and unimaginable eye candy are just a few expressions used to describe the exquisitely curated Schantz Galleries of Contemporary Glass, located on Elm Street in Lenox, Massachusetts.  An exhibition of over sixty national and international contemporary glass artists, the gallery is like a labyrinth, brimming with awe-inspiring and mystifying creations designed to peak the inquisitive mind. 

Featuring an array of perspectives from renowned artists, such as Dale Chihuly, Martin Blank, John Kiley, Dante Marioni, Richard Marquis, and many more, the gallery allows patrons a chance to examine delicate works of art up close.  Even if you are no connoisseur, Schantz Galleries leaves ample room for imaginative spirits with any background or profession looking to grace the gallery with their own unique eye and generous purse.  Different from many fine art museums and galleries, every piece is available for purchase, as the is price listed at the bottom of every artists label.    

My advice, arrive with an open mind and a curious heart, even if you are feeling a bit intimidated upon entering their pristinely sculpted museum of fine art. Staff is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful when navigating the gallery. Tours are free, around twenty-five minutes in length. Entrance to the gallery, to browse or purchase, is strictly appointment only.

You can book an appointment or email the gallery staff with any questions or concerns through their website: Schantz Galleries Contemporary Glass. The gallery is open Friday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

John Kiley and Dante Marioni collaboration (Modesto, 2020; Cresting Reticello, 2020 and Amber Wave, 2020)
Dale Chihuly (Mineral Yellow Persian Set with Cobalt Lip Wraps, 2016)
Dale Chihuly (Bonfire Persian Set with Kohl Lip Wraps, 2015)
Dale Chihuly (Blue and Opaline Chandelier, 2019)
Featuring work from Giles Bettison (Chroma, 2015 and Billet Red, 2010); Shelley Muzylowski Allen (Sunset Bear, 2016); Dan Friday (Oro Lightning Bear, 2018); Hiroshi Yamano (From East to West: Nagare #39, 2008); Nancy Callan (Mojave Clovis, 2018); Steve Weinberg (Cube, 2016 and Moss Green and Gold Boat, 2018); Bernie D’Onofrio (Blue Axis, 2019 and Delicate Perception, 2019 and one piece unknown); Kelly O’Dell (Turquoise Index, 2018); Bertil Vallien (Janus, 2019); Pavel Novak (Solstice 2019); Martin Rosol (Star Dust, 2019 and Abyss, 2020)
Pavel Novak (Ibiza, 2020)
Pavel Novak (Solstice, 2020)
Martin Rosol (Star Dust, 2019)
Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg (A Multicultural Celebration). Art hanging on the wall in the background is Dale Chihuly Workshop Fine Art Prints (Cranberry Ikebana, 2020 and Echo Floats, 2020)
On display Michael Behrens (Seaform, 2019); Preston Singletary’s (Medicine Women (Raven Women), 2012 and Oystercatcher Rattle, 2012)
Debora Moore (Blue Lady Slippers, 2015)
Works by Sidney Hutter (Sparkle 1000 Middy Polished Plate Glass Vase #22, 2018); Adam Waimon (Golden Hour 2020); Ethan Stern (Coast Light, 2019); Michael Behrens (Seaform, 2016); Pavel Novak (Ibiza 2020)
Featuring works by Benjamin Cobb (Banded Spring Cottonwood, 2020); Cappy Thompson (Moon, 2013);
Robin Grebe (Return, 2019); piece by John Kiley; Tom Scoon (Reflection, 2019); Shelley Muzylowski Allen (Mirror Bear, 2019); Richard Royal (Flux, 2004);
Martin Blank (Demeter’s Song, 2018 and Red and Gold Lotus, 2013); pieces by Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg; Kelly O’Dell (Anchorage, 2017); Aron Leman (Smoked Pair, 2019 and Untitled, 2019); last piece unknown
Martin Blank (Red and Gold Lotus, 2013)
On display Alex Gabriel Bernstein (Amber Sun, 2017); Nancy Callan (Reverie Droplet, 2019); Richard Royal (Apropos); Dan Daily’s (Eye to Eye, 2015); (Singing Dogs, Circus Vase, 2012) and the last two pieces are unknown, possibly Peter Bremers
Harue Shimoto (Haruhi, 2017)

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