Restaurant Series: Ringing in the New Year at Frank in Beverly, Massachusetts

New year, new restaurants, new food…

We all know that businesses and restaurants are struggling for a multitude of reasons. As patrons, one of the few things we can do is simply support them, and in the process ingest some delectable dishes, and maybe learn a thing or two!

This year, or I guess I should say last year going into this year, my husband and I have choose to specifically support small restaurants and businesses by buying, shopping, and eating locally, more so than ever before. As self proclaimed foodies, with an aptitude for eating only the most savory fare, we decided to sensationally bring on the New Year and leave our taste buds tingling for more by dining at Farm to Frank, a fine local restaurant located on Rantoul Street in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Romantically delightful, cozy, full of flavor, and fresh are just a few words that describe the dining experience at Frank. Beautifully crafted dishes brought hot and fresh from the kitchen promptly to your table by attentive and friendly servers. All cooked by award-winning chef Frank McClelland, a former chef and co-owner of L’Espalier in Boston (now closed). In fact, most of the time you can spot Frank McClelland in the kitchen working tirelessly.

For all you foodies out there, dining at Frank is a must! Many of my great restaurant discoveries come from a single source, Northshore Magazine’s Best of North Shote (BONS). Every year locals and editors vote on an array of categories, such as: dine, drinks, mingle (night out/date night), renew (salon/massage/workout), shop, play (galleries/museums/festivals), live (catering/farmers market/tailors/florist/photography), and finally, indulge (desserts). Last year, Frank won the readers choice of best new restaurant on the Northshore. Almost immediately my husband and I made a reservation. Who doesn’t want to try the best new restaurant on the Northshore?! The food was absolutely delicious, so naturally we came back on New Years!

For New Years Frank offered a three course pre-fixe dine in menu, plus dessert, and a take-out menu (not pictured) for those who want to eat in at home. Personally, we wanted the whole experience of food arriving hot to our table.

My husband and I are foodie pre-planners and strategically decided not to order the same dish twice. For the first course, my husband ordered the hazelnut risotto, goat cheese, and black truffle and I ordered the warm Nantucket Bay scallops and salsify. This, of course, was after we quickly slurped down the amuse course, warm oyster on the half shelf with champagne sabayon, tapioca, and caviar. The first course most delicious winner…? They were all winners! It was too difficult to pick a favorite.

For the second course, my husband ordered the consommé of Ox Tail, salsify, truffle, Swiss chard, and tortellini. Meanwhile, I ordered the salad of hearty winter greens, lightning apple, black quinoa, hazelnut, aged goat cheese, and Nastrutium kombucha buttermilk vinaigrette. Second course winner…? The consommé of Ox Tail that had such a warm depth of flavor.

For the third course, my husband ordered crispy duck breast Chinese style and soba noodle pancakes. I ordered one of my favorite dishes of all time, the butter poached lobster with seafood stuffing. Winner of the third course…? I would vote for the poached lobster and my husband would vote for the crispy duck breast…looks like it is yet another tie!

For the final course, my husband ordered the variations of citrus, olive oil, and white chocolate and I ordered the Poires Belle Helene, profiterol, cocoa nib, and ginger. Honestly, they were both amazing! The variations of circus was a tangy-lemony taste while the Poires Belle Helene was unexpectedly savory with the pear and cocoa.

Overall, for a three course pre-fixed tasting menu, everything was placed and paired perfectly. Every course complimented the on that came after (and the one that came before). My husband and I left feeling satisfied and completely content. We couldn’t of picked a better place to dine out on New Years.

To the foodies: This is the first post of a ‘restaurant series’ of posts I am hoping to follow through with in 2021. I know everyone has been struggling recently and I am hoping these posts will shed some light on the restaurant greats as I call them. In fact, there are so many restaurant greats that I cannot possibly mention them all! If there is a particular place I that you think I should mention, comment below. However, I would prefer, during these times, if it was located in Massachusetts. Although, if you have a place that you are particularly drawn to outside of Massachusetts, please mention it. I will, and always have, traveled for food (fingers crossed that the future brings more of that).

Until next time…stay hungry!


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