Northern Lights Farm Stand, Ipswich, Massachusetts

Experience one of the happiest places on the Northshore of Massachusetts, Northern Lights Farm Stand, an official monarch butterfly tracking farm with an expansive flower garden, selling Amish and Mennonite products in their farm stand, and raising donkeys, rabbits, geese chickens, and roosters.

Follow the arrows and walk behind the farm stand to handpick your next bouquet from a garden of over a dozen rows of different species of flowers. On your way into the quaint wooden farm stand, greet the chickens and roosters, and geese clucking and bathing in their stand-alone tub.

In the farm stand, walk past the hanging dried flowers, jams and jellies to choose from a selection of seasonal and locally grown fruits, vegetables, local maple syrups, bakery items and their own honey products.

On your way out the door, glance back, as the decorations change with the seasons, the farm stand may look a bit different on your next visit.

Come back soon and often, Northern Lights Farm Stand is open all year-round!

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