Fright Night Overload

What would October be without the spook?

The spine-chilling attraction, Haunted Overload, located in Lee, New Hampshire, fuses art and monsters through a meticulously though-out set, trailing through the most unassuming setting, the wood of DeMeritt Hill Farm.

Perfectly spooky, this supernatural haunt welcomes visitors with thirty-four foot tall grim reapers and a brilliant display of pumpkins, both small and enormous in size. To top all of that, the larger-than-life wooden skulls and creatures of the night are something to stare at. While impaled and grisly-looking malignant beasts approach, only to scare you into focus.

Can you tell the difference between the lifeless monstrosities along the haunted trail and the character actors…of course you can’t. What would a haunted attraction be without pitch-dark rooms, strobe lighting, fog, the sound of chain-saws, and high-pitched screams in the distance?

Experience the carnage, the spook, and feel the rush of adrenaline. They say the best haunted attractions leave you frightened, not within the attraction, but after, when you should be home and comfortable, but instead you feel…disturbed…. You turn all the lights on in your house, look under your bed, wonder who could be watching you behind the set of closed doors. You convince yourself these notions are ridiculous and there is nothing to worry about. Until you hear a creek in the floorboards and your spins stiffens…. Could it be? Perhaps, after all, the attraction has effected you in the most chilling way.

Not so easily spooked? Then dare to enter the gates of hell, conveniently located in Lee, New Hampshire. Even if you are not one for haunts, you will be left impressed with the artistic talent of Haunted Overload founder Eric Lowther and his web of ghouls.


6 responses to “Fright Night Overload

  1. How chillingly atmospheric! Most places seem content with a bunch of decorations they must’ve picked up at Target’s post-Halloween clearance sale, but this place is beautifully detailed. Serious thought was put into this, resulting in something that lingers in the mind long afterward.

    Nobody does Halloween (and fall in general) quite like the Northeast does. Or, specifically, not nearly as stylishly as you do in New England. After all, it started in Salem centuries ago, and it only has built from there!

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