Autumnal Transformations

Cherry Hill Reservoir, West Newbury
Russell Orchards, Ipswich
Quills Pond, Newbury
Argilla Road, Ipswich
Newman Road, Newbury
Baldplate Pond, Boxford
Georgetown/Rowley State Forest, Boxford Road, Rowley
Hay Street, Newbury
Stavros Reservation, Ipswich
Island Road, Ipswich

15 responses to “Autumnal Transformations

  1. Clever use of the “time lapse” effect, even if the subject transitions too from photo to photo.

    The first picture, of the reservoir, betrays but a tinge of the cold season’s spareness, else it very nearly could’ve been taken in July.

    By the end of the tour, though, the sunny skies warn of snow clouds nipping at their heels. In particular, the last two snaps of Ipswich have me looking for snowflakes.

    Beautifully photographed and well chosen! Thanks for the glimpses of all fall offers. Who knows? Old age may send me scuttling for Coral Gables, but now, many decades earlier, I do love the seasons so!

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    • Thank you! I was hoping to create that effect! The transition from late summer to autumn proved tricky this year as the trees transitioned into their dormitory state much later this year the usual due to the high amount of rainfall. Glad you enjoyed the photos none the less – and I had an enjoyable time capturing them!

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    • Thanks for the insight – I suppose for this specific post I didn’t want my own ideas shaping folks first impressions of the images themselves, more of a intimate approach. On the flip side, I totally understand what you mean!

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  2. Gorgeous photos! I particularly like the one with the beaver lodge because I got to see beaver habitats for the first time, in the Berkshires last Oct.

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