Unexpected Places Series: Tip Top Tulips

Its crazy, the places that you happen to stumble across when you are journeying somewhere else….

Farmall tractor on the tulip field

That is exactly what happened to me with Tip Top Tulips in Ipswich, Massachusetts. I was driving to pick up some plants at a garden and nursery center, and I fly past a sign that says ‘tulips’ with an arrow pointing down a narrow road behind the local Dairy Queen. Perplexed that there is a whole tulip field behind the Dairy Queen that I never knew about, pulled over and looked it up online. Indeed, there is a newly established farm with a tulip field for viewing and picking. Not only that, they offer goat yoga amongst the tulip fields on Sundays, pony walks and photos for kids, and painting classes! Pretty neat.

Tip Top Tulips field

Upon arrival at Tip Top Tulips, I had no idea how to pick a tulip. I was perplexed when they didn’t give me scissors for pick-your-own. I must of had a look of confusion on my face, because the farm worker handed me a basket and told me to follow her into the field. She showed me how to gently pull on the lower part of the tulip stem. Some tulips pup out easily, with a bulb attached, and others with just a long white stem. She told me that the ones with a bulb attach were great to plant outside and should sprout again once they take root.

Woven basket with picked tulips on tulip field
Close up of Woven basket with picked tulips on tulip field, with farm in background

Of course I tried to pick as many tulips as I could with the bulb attached, carefully rocking the stem back and forth to emerge the bulb from the ground. After some time, I realized I was snapping more photographs than picking tulips. Still, it was a great morning and I am already planning to go back, as they are in peak season!

Red, yellow and white tulips from above
Pink, red and yellow tulips from above

If you plan on taking a trip to Tip Top Tulips, I recommend purchasing tickets in advance on their website. These tickets are for entry purposes only. The price to pick tulips is separate, and you pay one dollar per-stem (they accept both cash and card) after you pick on the field. Have fun!

Tulip fields with basket of tulips

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