Garden Growth

So many yummy fruit plants/trees and herbs growing in my garden!


Red Raspberries, starting to reach peak season in July.
Strawberries, newly planted this year and reaching peak season late June. The strawberry patch is protected by a black, mesh net to keep the bunnies out!
Blueberries, in peak season starting late July. Blueberry trees need a lot of water, up to four inches weekly during the fruit ripening period.
Dwarf North Star Cherry Tree with a moderate yield, if only we could keep the squirrels at bay from the sour-sweet drupe.
The start of a blackberry bush! Newly planted in fall of 2021. More to come in the upcoming years…
Snail herb garden with protective mesh ‘cages’ to keep out pests.
Fennel, a short lived herb perennial, great for cooking (roasting, braising, sautéing, garnishing, etc.) and aids with digestion.
Parsley, a biennial herb, often used as a garnish and condiment for food and flavoring, rich in vitamins A, C, and K.
Chives, a perennial herb, typically used as a garnish or topping on meals and salads. Chives are rich in flavonoid antioxidants, and are a great substitute for onions.
Apple Mint, a fragrant, perennial herb, great for use in cocktails, mocktails, and teas, amongst other uses. Apple mint is also known to have many medicinal properties.
Oregano, a perennial plant, part of the mint family, used to add flavor to dishes, especially in marinades and stuffings; also know as the ‘pizza herb’. Oregano has some potent, including the fact that it is a great antibacterial agent.


7 responses to “Garden Growth

  1. Nice plants you have in your garden. With the weather we are having everything grows rapidly. Only we have a major snail problem. They seem to have developed a taste for our plants.


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