A Crafty Proposal

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 12.31.29 AM

A writing for communications course taught me a number of ways to write memos, press releases, PSA’s, personal profiles, general news stories and of course newsletters and Event Proposals, and I am forever grateful! (Hint: click on the link to read an example of an event proposal.)

The event I proposed would supposedly take place on the campus quad and would positively promote the Guild of Artistic Thinkers, a club for artists and graphic designer majors and minors at the college, by supporting the arts.  To ensure a peaceful proceeding, I decided to try light-crafts, where the club might set up craft booths around the quad, such as dream catcher crafting and the weaving together of friendship bracelets, meanwhile chalk will be provided for those who want to draw or even write poetry on the pavement around the quad, figuring it is a nice enough day.  However, a major negative factor in this proposed event could be the imaginary weather!  Still, it would be a great way for people of similar interest to bond together in a supposed event that i made up that would bring about positive public relations between the students of the college and the college club itself.



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