You See The Sky


Took an eye-opening Native American Literature class!  Read my essay on Native American Poetry, specifically referencing poem or lyrical-prayer chants in Leslie Marmon Silko’s ‘Storyteller.’  Many of the poems and moral tales reference nature and creatures of the wild, some are even written in  remembrance of their natural blessings.  Enjoy!

How To Write A Poem About The Sky

You see the sky now
colder than the frozen river
so dense and white
little birds
walk across it.

You see the sky now
but the earth
is lost in it
and there are no horizons.
It is all
a single breath.

You see the sky
but the earth is called
by the same name
the moment
the wind shifts
sun splits it open
and bluish membranes
push through slits of skin.

You see the sky


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