Part I: Capstone Proposal

For my senior year at Colby-Saywer College, students in each major are given a creative project or large task to carry out over the semester, called a capstone.  A capstone project basically takes everything you have accumulated and learned over the past however many years you have been at college.  This project truly your knowledge to the test, having each student find a client to preform a project/task for and write a proposal, outlining your intensions.

For my senior capstone project, I decided to work with the New London Historical Society to create a ten-minute virtual tour video of New London and the towns historic markers, because I love history so much and thought it would be an interesting way of exploring and getting familiar with video and direction.  Let me just say, none of it is as easy as it looks, but before I get to that part, for my proposal I brainstormed my plan of action, intensions, budget, travel, qualifications, etc.  After countless drafts and revisions, here is my final Capstone Proposal.  Hint: Click on the link.  Hint: This document took a lot longer to write than it may seem!



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