Part II: Capstone Script

After many weeks of brainstorming and planning exactly what I wanted to include in the ten minute virtual video tour around New London, I finally came up with a Capstone Narration Script, which is actually based upon two books, recommended to me by my contact at the New London Historical Society.  The script was the meat of my video, because it is educational, factual , reliable, and not too-packed with information.  This script is exactly what I needed to get my creative juices flowing and start thinking about actual shots and the whole process of filming .  The most difficult part was fitting two thousand page books into a eight page script…

However, I was lucky enough to have my script read, edited and narrated by the wonderful children’s author, Tomie dePaola, who happened to live right down the street from my apartment at school.  Took a risk one stormy night and placed a letter in his mailbox outlining my project and attached my proposal; to my surprise he emailed me a few days later!  I figured if Morgan Freeman was not available, why not get the next best well-known narrator.  This whole part came out way better than expected 🙂


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