Adventutes Outside the Log Cabin

Stepping outside the log cabin can be quite an adventure; you really never know what you will find. From tiny critters chirping in the trees to huge black bears and coyotes howling up and down the mountain tops, it’s quite the soundtrack of nature, and it has put me to sleep every night. As I sit by the crackling fire, I remember the golden hours like a slideshow of images flying through my head.

The trip to loon mountain, where the peaks were crowned with white tent tops that covered the bagpipers, at the Scottish New Hampshire Highland Games, as they played under the sun, was spectacular. You can always go up, up and up the hill, take a right, then a left and keep going straight to Loon lagoon, glistening in its glory, sleeping far below the mountain side and looking picturesque in all blue.


Then came the climb up Jackson Falls, a bit further down the road.  A great place to take a swim and capture a picture or two.

Sabaday Falls will always have my heart, though, it may be too soon to say, I felt a great harmony that day. Perhaps it was the tiny stone statues placed delicately around the stream, or maybe it was the fact that I was with those whom I loved, reminicing on a beautiful day.


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