Vermont is for Lovers

 In Vermont I fell in love with the country side.  The vast rolling hills, roadside streams, hidden waterfalls, fields of farmland and acres of green forests that create simple spectacles of their own; all such picturesque visions of nature.

First, we stopped roadside to pick some fresh berries for the day.  There were two types of rasberries to pick, sweet and sour. 

 Then, we visited Huntington Gourge, hiking like goats, teetering along the steep edge with an errie view below. 

Although there was not a cloud in the sky that morning, the clouds started to roll in later that day and created spectacular shades of colors mixing with the rays of the setting sun.

Lastly, we flew to Burlington and watched the sunset on Lake Champlain. 

Happy Labor Day Weekend…

Eat local, drink local, stay local, love the Vermonster.



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