App Review: Boomerang and Layout


Had some fun playing around with the Instagram apps: Boomerang and Layout,  both are super easy to use.  For example, you just download whatever app you want to try through the app store, I believe both are free.  Then when you touch on the…Boomerang app, for example, you open up a camera that takes a four second ‘boomerang shot’.  A ‘boomerang shot’ is basically a seconds-long moving picture where the object or person you took the ‘boomerang shot’ of seems to bounce back like a mirror image; this image simply repeats itself until you scroll on by or move to a different page.  I am referring to ‘boomerang shot’ in quotation marks, because it is not the technical name for this shot by all means, but it certainrly describes the moving image in the Boomerange app.  Layout app is a little different, you pick existing images through your photo library or can take a new photo by tapping on the words Photo Booth and allowing access to your camera.  Whatever you choose, a screen will come up with all sorts of picture position posibilities.  For example, there are some layouts with three photos on top of eachoher, others with just two, some horizontal based, others vertical, etc…  You can then flip different images in the layout and add borders selectively.  Both these apps allow you to publish your content on various social media planforms, like Instrgam, Twitter, Tumblr and you can send through email or as a text message. Pretty cool.  


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