Boston Restaurant Week Review – Del Friscos Grille – Burlington, MA

So my intention here was to post actual photos of the dishes I consumed, but literally everything was so delicious I ended up eating faster than I could snap a photo…  Of course I had time to take a photo of my drink, but only because I got two of them 🙂

For my drink I got the Ocean Sunset, which has RumHaven coconut rum, St-Germain Elder ower liqueur, orgeat syrup, fresh lime juice and bitters.  

Typically when you participate in restaurant week there is a special menu for you to order between two and three course meal (depending on what the restaurant has to offer).  For example, I for an appetizer, entree and desert for $33.00.  Its actually a really good deal, because alot of the items on their special restaurant week menu are the same size/quality as the items on their every day menu, but on their every day menu they are higher in price.  

For example, for my appetizer I got the Chopped Ceasar Salad, consisting of chopped crisp romaine, parmesan, garlic croutons and anchovy-garlic dressing.  On Del Friscos every day menu the salad is $10.00.  

For my entee I got the Samon Filet, which has charred lemon parmesan broccolini and a creole mustard vinaigrette.  Normally, the salmon is $29.00.  

Finally, for my desert, I got the Turtle Cheesecake with chocolate and caramel pecan drizzle.  Typically, I would of paid $12.00 for that same cheesecake, but because I picked all these delicious items off the restaurant week, pre-fixed, three-course menu I got them all for $33.00, when they would normally be…$10.00 + $29.00 + $12.00 totalling $51.00.  

Technically, I saved $18.00…but the only thing not included in most restaurant week menus, is the drinks,  however, they are certaintly worth it. 

Cheers 🥂


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