Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience feat. Ramin Djawadi

Just witnessed a really unique live concert experience re-capping the Game of Thrones series on huge projector screens above the audience, while a local orgestra played on the stage below.  Even from the beginning of the show, I found myself plesently emerged in the world we call Westeros.  The concert wass a great way to catch up on the series, for those who were previously left behind.  It is also a fantastic re-cap, for those who are caught up and ready for season 7, comming this summer; and a great incentive for those who havent watched to tune in!  However, for an avid GOT (Game of Thrones) fan, like myself, it was awsome to see scenes from the earlier seasons that I had previosly forgotten and characters that are long gone by this point (which is most of them).  Truely unique, was that the orchestra had their own spin on the songs from the series and each song was preformed just a little different than the rest.  Basically, if for no other reason than this one alone, you should see the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience, just for the pyrotechnics themselves.


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