App Review: Poshmark

For some reason this happens every single day; I get up, look around my closet and think, geez… I have nothing to wear.  Sometimes, it goes even further than a single thought; I frantically start taking clothes out of my closet, that I have never worn, wondering why I ever purchaced them in the first place?  Don’t get me wrong, I definately buy some great articles of clothing, but sometimes I just have no occasion for them. Over half of the clothes that I purchaced over the year have never been worn, even worse, many still have the price tags on!  

Most of the time, I end up going to Goodwill to donate trashbags worth of clothing that pile up every year.  A part of me will always want to donate some of my clothes to a great cause.  However, there is always another part of me that wishes I could sell some of the higher priced articles of clothing just for a few extra bucks, because anything counts right?!  

So I looked it up on Google, ‘ways to sell second hand clothing’.  Originally, I was really hesitant about using an app to sell my clothes.  So I researched a few local thrift shops, but when I called they responded that they had received an influx of clothing for the winter season and were not accepting any more donations.

That’s when I tried Poshmark.  You can download it though the app store or can access it on the world wide web at  Its really simple to sign up.  First, you create an account with your name, email and your location.  After that, you are all logged into the app and basically there are a few things you should check out before selling your clothes.  The magnifying mirror button labeled ‘shop’ is where you can search and browse listings for men, women and kids and the ‘news’ button is your followers, comments/invites and offers.  Meanwhile, the ‘feed’ button is where you can browse your followers.

Finally, you are ready to snap and sell!  Go to the camera button that says ‘sell’ and literally snap a photo of the article of clothing you want to sell and post it right then for viewers to see.  You have to add a few extra details like a title for the merchandise, a shirt description, size, color, brand (if any), etc.  Rember when snapping photos of merchandise, take clear photos with great light and at different angles so the customers have a good view of the product before buying it.

Still, if you don’t have anything to sell at the moment, Poshmark doesn’t require you to make a listing right off the bat.  You can poke around the site/app first before making a sale for as long as you like.

Poshmark is a great way to make money on the side and get rid of some clothes in the process.  Through the app you can even get a free pre-paid  shipping labels for items under 5 lbs and they provide a tracking number so you can tell when it was scanned into USPS and where it is located.  The only catch is, they take a small profit of your sales, either $2.95 if the order is $15.00 or under or 20% the total is over $15.00.  However, you can still manage to get a good deal; it all depends of your asking price, the description and the quality of the photos taken.  Good luck and of course, happy posting!


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