Appreciate What is Around

Everyday is a good day to take some time to think about everything you are appreciative of; even the smallest of things, whatever they may be, hope it is something truely and wonderfuly great 🌸


14 responses to “Appreciate What is Around

  1. Beautiful photos of these flowers. If a person is thankful for their life daily – their life is better. Life should be happiness and contentment. 🙂

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      • The phalaenopsis ( Orchid ) need humidity but don’t over-water them, waterlogging the roots is not good! Shaded sunlight is best 🙂 Beautiful photos – I’m guessing dahlia?


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      • Thanks for the comment — and yes basically every other plant pictured needs a ton of water – the Orchid is the best though because they are so easy to take care of as long as you have a good temperature, a shady spot and give it a shot glass of water here and there. The dahlias are quite tricky at times need a ton of water and light – good for setting outside on a porch or patio though!

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