What to do for Earth Day?

Accepting thoughts?!  When I woke up today, I had no idea what to do for Earth Day…  What could I possibly do to honor the Earth in such a way that would make an impact?  To be honest, I still have no idea what the answer is.  It was a pretty cloudy day out, but it wasnt a total wash out so I decided to take a walk at a local Avis Reservation.  Why not stay local, there are so many great places right outside my doorstep, I mean that is what Earth Day is about right, honoring the Earth both near and far? 

In my book, everyday is a good day to try a new brewery.  Espically a local brewery right in your town.  Oak and Iron Brewery, has some great ales in a sweet location in Andover, Ma.  From cream ale to a chocolate porter everything was quite tasty!  A great atmosphere too!!

As for Earth Day 2017, I may not know the exact answer to having a productive Earth Day, saving the planet night after night.  However, I do know how to celebrate localy, get inspired, see new things and simply enjoy the day; sounds like a good Earth Day to me — Cheers!


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