Not Your Typical Rock Show: Coheed and Cambria & The Dear Hunter 

Incredible show last night at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston, Madsachusetts for the bands The Dear Hunter and Coheed and Cambria.  The show started at 7:30 p.m., but as a first timer to the Bank Pavilion, I arrived a bit earlier in anticipation that I would catch a glimpse of either bands before the live show.

​As someone who doesn’t know a whole lot about either bands performing, I found myself totally engrosed in the acoustics of the pavilion and even more excited about the energy on stage that was felt with pumping fists and unpredictable outbursts from the fans.

I have to admit I got a few good laughs seeing a few guys play fake guitar in the asile and shouting while getting reprimanded by security.  I mean what is a show without two random guys running back and fourth randomly shouting, playing fake guitar and high fiving everyone in radius…

Anyways, The Dear Hunter was phenomenal, playing songs from Act V.  Coheed and Cambria put on a great show that included spectacular light displays and curiously pleasing graphics on a three screen projector.
The screen side projectors made it easy enough to see, depending on where you sat, and despite that fact that everyone stood throughout the entire Coheed and Cambria performance.  I will admit that is was a little hard to see over the crowd and all the fist 👊🏽 pumping.  It would of been better if the seats were at an angle slanted towards the stage.  However, the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion is super clean and right next to the ocean — a great place to spend a starry spring night out.

Overall, the entire show was excellent and they couldn’t have picked a better venu!

In the end, I knew I was inspired, because right after the show I fould myself rocking out to Coheed and Cambria on the drive home and looking up when their next trip to Boston would be…. hopefully soon guys?!🤘🏼


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