The greatest backyard in the land featuring Castle on the Hill 

Castle on the Hill, also known as The Crane Estate is, in my opinion, one of the most impressive National Historic Landmarks, located on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

This Italian Renaissance inspired Estate has quite the impressive array of decor, however, the back yard is very extravagant running a half-a-mile from the Estate’s back steps through a series of grassy hills all the way up to the beach.  I mean honestly, the back-yard is so massive you could probably fit a theme park back there and still have room for a skating rink, full-size theater and an Olympic size swimming pool.

Somehow, if you don’t end up lost outside roaming, awe-struck and aimless, take a peak inside the fifty-nine room mansion, it is absolutely stunning.  My favorite was the many bathrooms with heated towel racks, marble floors and giant bathtubs; talk about a spa day!  Everything in this place is larger than life; in just washing my hands I realized the knobs to turn the facet on and off are basically the size of my forearm.  Truly a mansion fit for a king and all his subjects, and the whole town below…heck the whole state could probably fit somehow…


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