Secrets Hidden Away in Versus

Sometimes, when I am going through a hard time, I write poetry, as simple or complex as it may be.  It doesn’t even have to make sense to anyone else, as long as it means something to me.  Perhaps a different perspective will be gained from someone else reading my poetry.  Maybe it will mean something, maybe it won’t.

Words can be harsh.  Phrases can stick for weeks on end and songs are catchy, but rhymes are my forte.

Either way, sometimes, when I am not going through a hard time, I write poetry.

Even if I don’t know what the outcome will be, I still jot down my thoughts, simple phrases here and there.  Sometimes the phrases rhymes, other times, they don’t need to.  I crave the formatting, the simplicity, complexity, knowledge and the digestion of words into meanings, and senses into words.

Here is a little something I wrote recently:

You will never be them,

they will never be you.

To try and measure

is ineffective.

To live,

is worth it.

What is your secret hobby?  Does it help when you are feeling a little down, or even when you are not, does it give you peace of mind?


5 responses to “Secrets Hidden Away in Versus

  1. Every so often I will post a poem. Some are well received while others languish. When I see a poem, I will read it several times to learn the deeper meaning. I tip my hat to you for sharing your poem.

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