Choose Wisely

When the view is better than the entire vacation..


Sometimes it happens, when your view from the hotel/condo/villa etc. becomes more memorable than the whole trip itself.  Not that the vacation was terrible, per-say, but perhaps it became chaotic and, in turn, it became more stressful than what was intended.

Recently, I have just been looking for some peace of mind; often, it comes in the most unexpected of places.  Other-times, it was right in front of me all along, that serene state of mind.  As I get older, I feel like it is harder to find, I become lost in the choices I make, or the choices that are made for me.  There is one thing I know for sure, I am my own entity, I have my own voice, I can use it.  My choices are not made for me, I will always pave the way.  Peace of mind is not just a state of tranquility, it is a choice, just like any.  I choose.  What is best for me.  You.  Choose your own path.

I keep asking myself:  Where will you be one year from now?  Will the state of your well being improve?  Will there be many changes?  Will you be happy?

The answer remains: Only time can tell.  Choose wisely.



3 responses to “Choose Wisely

  1. I can confirm that change is a constant in life. I’ve learned that it is the only path to a better place. I have also learned to look for the lesson(s) when life does not go according to our plan. Choosing to be happy in all circumstances makes the journey easier.

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