Sunset from Deer Island, a Boston Harbor Island

Have you ever seen a sunset from Deer Island?  The peninsula that is Deer Island, has five miles of walkways and trails along Boston Harbor, with views of Boston and the Boston Harbor Islands, plus you can even watch the planes arrive and depart from Logan Airport. The peninsula, which is considered one of the Boston Harbor Islands is handicap accessible and allows: fishing, biking, picnicking, jogging, sightseeing, walking, walking your dog (on a leash) sitting and lounging.  What more could you ask for!  The only catch…there is a sewer treatment plant on the peninsula.  The operating plant protects the Boston Harbor from pollution and by removing toxins from wastewater that originates in homes and businesses in the surrounding Boston communities.  Read more about the sewer treatment plant here.


Now, you may be asking yourself, how can I get to Deer Island?  Well you drive! I guess you could fly right into Logan as well and just drive over (it would be a super long walk).  Find directions here. It is a twenty-one minute drive from Logan Airport to Deer Island.  Just for giggles, lets see how far it would be to walk from Logan Airport to Deer Island…roughly 2 1/2 to 3 hours (it would be quicker to take public transportation at that point)!

Anyway, the point of this post was not to calculate how long it takes to walk to Deer Island, even though it is fun!  It would take me 10 + hours to walk from my house to Deer Island!  For now, enjoy a sunset photo of the city from the peninsula and if you get a chance, take a drive down and see for yourself (hopefully you aren’t walking there, but if you are…good luck!)




2 responses to “Sunset from Deer Island, a Boston Harbor Island

  1. Unless I’m slipping in my old age, lol, can’t you take the blue line to Deer Island or no? I could have sworn there was a t stop at Deer Island right near the Wonderland or Revere Beach T stations.


    • Nope I bet you are right – if you want to know a quick story – I have never lived in the city and the one time I was talking the train I had to ask a friend what stop to get off on (I want to say it was Downtown Crossing) so I was like OK I can do this! So I am on the platform and a woman on the intercom shouts out ‘Train will not be stopping at Downtown Crossing today’ and I legit turned around and went home! LOL That was my last train experience but I bet the blue line would take you close maybe.


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