‘The Roof’ Salem, Massachusetts

If you are like me, and go to Salem, Massachusetts way too often, you should check out The Roof, located on top of the Hotel Salem (209 Essex Street, Salem MA 01970).  Even if you don’t go into Salem often, you should still check it out; unlike the rooftop bars in Boston, it is much less expensive and can be much less crowded.


They have a small menu for drinks and ‘snacky’ food such as oysters and tacos and guacamole.  I got the Market Fish Tacos, — beer battered fish, baja sauce and slaw.  I wouldn’t recommend going their for dinner, because it is really a place for drinks and snacks, but they have a pretty cool set-up with couches, a bar and high-tops.  Plus, you can soak up the sun or chill under the overhang; they have bathrooms right on the roof as well.  I thought the prices were reasonable for the amount and quality of food/drinks we received.  The service could of been a little better (I never received any napkins?) but everyone was really nice and accommodating.


This is how you actually get up there: I would recommend street parking (if you can).  You simply go to the Hotel Salem, tell the receptionist at the door that you are looking to either sit at the bar or get a table at The Roof.  The receptionist will then let you know what is available (sometimes there is quite a wait other times you will get right in).  Then, when you are ready to be seated, you will walk inside the hotel and around the corner to the elevator where you will go to the top floor and greet yet another receptionist.  There they will ask you how many people in your party and you will be seated either at the bar, a high-top or a couch (I recommend the couch!).

Helpful tip: It can get super sunny on top of The Roof.  If you plan on sitting outside, not under the shaded overhang, I would wear sunscreen or bring a hat!  If you decided to go at night, it is much more crowded, but they light up the bar area and the perimeter for a nice glowing effect.



The Roof – Open Daily  (978) 451 – 4814
2:00pm – 11:00pm
All Day Menu




2 responses to “‘The Roof’ Salem, Massachusetts

    • Yes it is a great place to visit in the summer/fall! So much history and plenty of sidewalks for your walking pleasure. Plus a ton of cute gift shops!


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