Up to North Country, New Hampshire

Every year I take a trip up to Lincoln, New Hampshire to celebrate the NH Scot and the New Hampshire Highland Games and Festival, which typically takes place annually on the third weekend in September.  For those of you who do not know about the highland games, it is a rather large Scottish-themed festival celebrated annually on the base of Loon Mountain, Lincoln, NH.

Every year the event schedule changes a little, but typically there is music (drums, harps, bagpipes + more), dancing, story-telling, whiskey-tasting, raffles, craft booths, food (fish + chips, lamb stew, bangers + mash),  stone-lifting, hammer throwing, heavy-weight championship competitions, caber tossing, etc.  The purpose is to promote and preserve Scottish history and culture.  This will be my fourth year attending the festival!

Unlike the previous years, I tried not to be a ‘cell phone robot’ and actually put my phone away most of the day’evening causing me to actually look up, smile and really take in everything that was happening!  Therefore, I have virtually no photos of the actual festival, however, I did get the chance to walk to the very top of Loon Mountain, take in a gorgeous sunset and make it back in time for a BBQ dinner, what a happy start to autumn!

Details about the Highland Games can be found here: NH Scot Official Site | The New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival


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